Floor Plan

The Venue

Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo)

Hall B2 & C1

Pusat Niaga Building, Arena PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta 10620

The Floor Plan

The Europe, America & Australia areas are highlighted in yellow color

The Europe, America & Australia/NZ Pavilions in detail

Fully booked!

Phone: +49-40-3999905-11
Mobile: +49-151-70197434
E-mail: frank@merebo.com

Exhibitors, updated 27 July

Company Country Booth
Brecon GmbH Germany 4609
Bühnen GmbH & Co. KG Germany 4609
EUROBEND GmbH Germany 4606
EVG Entwicklungs- und Verwertungsges.m.b.H. Austria 4605
Gervasi Italia S.p.A. Italy 4615
Kraft Curing Systems GmbH Germany 4613
Melchers Techexport GmbH Germany 4609
PERI Asia Pte Ltd Singapore 4815
Pratto S.A. Greece 4618
Precast Software Engineering GmbH Austria 4604
Progress Group Germany 4603
QUADRA France 4609
Ratec GmbH Germany 4616
Schnell SpA Italy 4620
Sommer Anlagentechnik GmbH Germany 4617
Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG Germany 4609
WKB Systems GmbH Germany 4619